Monday, December 13, 2010

What I Want For Christmas This Year

Well I should not be looking at websites at this time of morning, but here I am looking the UGG site.. I have wanted a pair of these boots for a couple years but have a hard time throwing down the money for them since Superman doesn’t understand my shoe need.

Maybe I should keep my list simple this year. It seems every year that the holidays roll around the money is short and there is enough just to get the child taken care of for the holidays. Since I am only working part time, it seems this is true this year also. I mean Christmas really is not about the presents, its about being together , right? I dread the holidays every year because there is the pressure to buy and we all know I don’t need help in that area at all.

I am hoping we have another white Christmas like last year, but there is no signs yet here in Oklahoma.. Be nice if we could run away to Reno, Navada or some were its going to snow. It like I would not want to go to Hawaii for Christmas at all.. doesn’t seem right..

Guess I should get off here and start my day. Hope you all have a great day.

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