Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Is Over!

So I have not posted pictures or talked much about Christmas here this year. Me and Don were not in the holiday spirit at all. We bought 3 pc games the little one wanted and got her a couple shirts and a nice gold and silver necklace. Then I made enchiladas for dinner and we watched 80's movies for 2 days straight , lol. Cheyanne said she felt ripped off because it didn't seem like Christmas to her because we didn't drink hot chocolate and see family.. That mad me mad, because then I just wanted to take back her gifts and say fuck it. I don't need my child to try and make us feel guilty because we wanted to relax and stay home with no drama and a ton of driving all over. Next year we may take a cruise to Alaska and forget Christmas all together. I don't enjoy the holiday anymore because it's always about gifts and spending money which I won't do. We spent like 130.00 on her gifts this year and she didn't even say thank you. You can say I have a bad attitude about it , but it is the truth. I never saw or heard from my 2 boys so I guess they had a good Christmas? I'm just glad it's all over. Hope everyone else had a good time with family and friends.

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