Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally Something Goes My Way

Today is my day off so I of coarse slept pretty late then decided to drink coffee and check twitter and emails on my bb. Checking these on my 9000 because I got so fed up with my 9700 yesterday that I switched the SIM card to the 9000. Well I decided this morning I was going to call Tmobile and let them know how unhappy I am with the service I get on the 9700, I mean if you cant get text and emails half the time whats the point in having a blackberry? So I called and was told they would be more than happy to send me another 9700 which I already knew was not going to work because they have already done that and I will have issues. Then on top of this they have taken away the free tethering and the unlimited UMA calling!! I asked what was the point of being with them if they were just like all the other carriers? So I asked how  much my cancellation fee was and he responded with 200.00 each line. Then all the sudden he ask me to hold and this nice lady named Teresa came on and said she would send me the new 9780 blackberry at no cost and that I could keep  my 9700! Talk about shock, I mean she bent backwards for me and I didn’t even ask for any of this. So she let me pick the color of the phone which I picked white and she is sending me a promo item they are just testing for better cellphone signal in your home for free also!!! So right now I am pretty dang happy with T-mobile helping me get better cell service. I am thinking there was really something wrong with the 9700 because the 9780 came out so fast and the 9700 is not even on Tmobile website anymore. I really hope this fixes my issues with not getting my text and emails. The phone and tower should be here next week, I will be posting pics of my new pretty white phone. Hard to believe after 5 years with Tmobile I finally didn’t have to pay out the butt for a new phone Smile

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