Monday, December 6, 2010

Tmobile At It Again

I posted the other day how excited I was to be getting a new 9780 blackberry from Tmobile after all the issues I have had with my 9700. Well today I got a text saying that there were changes made to my plan , so I jumped on the phone and called customer service. I was told that my data plan had gone from 19.99 to 30.00 because I had a blackberry coming!!! well, let me tell you I went off on the little girl on the phone and she didn’t even want to talk to me at that point, so her manager changed it for me. She said it would take up to 24 to 48 hours for the changes to take place. They are unbelievable, how dare you change my data plan without asking me … I mean it’s the only reason I stay with them in the first place, everywere else wants 30.00 a month for data on a bb. I am hoping by tomorrow it is changed or I’m going to have a cow about it. These cellphone providers have lost their minds when it comes to all these charges on crap. We have to have our phones and most of us have to have data on them, I mean I use mine for everything and then some most days.  I tell you, we may be changing cellphone providers in the next year if they don’t change something.. ugh.. I’ll shut up now, lol..

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