Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Blackberry 9780 Is Here

Yesterday I woke up around 930am and went straight to the front porch and there was a box from Tmobile waiting for me  ,you guessed it, its was my new white 9780. It is so much better than my 9700 that I’m glad I switched phones. The new OS6.0 is amazing and fast, not to mention the great 5.0 pixal camera. It did come loaded with twitter and facebook so at least I didn’t have to load those on there. It took me most of the day loading and tweaking everything to get the phone the way I wanted, but its perfect now.
 Here is my BB 9000 on the far left, my BB 9700 and the new White BB 9780
                                        Pink Otter Box is amazing fit and feel

                                         Look how she shines :) Makes me so happy
Today I received the Pink Awareness Otter Box in the mail for the 9780 also, which looks stunning. I have to say the phone and the case have made me very , very happy. There seems to be a better typing feel to the 9780 also. I read on Crackberry that there was no changes made to the keyboard from the 9700 to the 9780, but I have to say they did . Because it doesn’t hurt my hands to type and its more fluid. I had a really hard time typing on my 9700, but the 9780 is great. Can’t tell you what the difference is but its there. Now I will shut up and let you look over my pictures .

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Miss Blogger said...

Hi! Does your BB 9780 turn yellowish after quite some time?