Monday, December 20, 2010

What I plan on doing soon

Well I have pretty much been spending my day loading apps on my iPad of weight watchers. I will be paying for my subscription this week and doing this weight loss once and for all. I have been reading about the new points plus Plan and it seems like something I can do. Innate to loss weight because it is making a hem it. I don't want to leave the house and I don't talk to anyone . There are weeks that I don't leave the house and when I do, it's to go grocery shopping and back home. I have no friends and no social life besides Don of coarse. He has agreed to join a gym with me so we both can get back in shape before it's to late. He has no weight to lose, just Build muscle. I think that when the fat keeps you from living life then it's time to tell it good bye!!!! So mine will be history soon. I hope by summer I will in shape to wear shorts again. I wore pants all last summer and it sucked. Im hoping that with my iPad I will keep track of all my food and points, I will just have to carry it with me every were I go . I do have a itouch but there is no Internet, just wi-fi . Then there is my blackberry and it never leaves my side so I should have everything covered to success. I will keep a separate blog for my weight journey so I am getting that all worked out right now, I will post the link when I get it all set up. Wish me luck

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Deb said...

I wish you a lot of success. I need to lose weight, too. I'm looking forward to reading about your journey.