Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping Spree

So I am sitting home yesterday doing my thing on a Saturday when I jump out of the shower and my honey just gets home from work really early in the afternoon, which is rare on a busy weekend at work. He announces that we are going to the mall. I had to ask him if I heard him right because he never, ever wants to go near the mall, ex specially on  a Saturday when everyone and their dog is at the mall. So after the shock of it wore off I put on my flip flops and we were out the door. When we get to the mall he says I need to buy work clothes. Oh yes you heard me right, work clothes. I got a new job I start this Monday and I have to dress professional , no jeans for work anymore. So we hit up J.C. Pennys and they had a massive sale going on! I loaded up on some really nice clothes for hardly nothing. Then we were off to the kids section were everything was on sale too! Got cheyanne 3 tops which she picked out , and I have to say they were cute. By this time I was on cloud 9 because I have not been clothes shopping in forever and a moon and I really did need clothes. We headed out to the main part of the mall and came across the Coach Store, and I had to look inside :) what girl would just walk past the Coach store and not look? I was in heaven with all the colors, leather and bling going on. Mind you that I had just gotten out of the shower when we left for the mall, my hair was just drying, no makeup on and I was wearing a tank top and long shorts.. I was looking pretty bad and the sales girls in the store were just looking at us like we were white trash. You know the look , they look at you like, oh crap here comes the lookers that never can afford to buy anything..bitches!!!!.. So a nice sales lady came up to us and we started talking about some of the bags and I said I was looking for something that was professional looking.but really I had spotted this hot pick fabric purse that was screaming my name, but there was no way I could take that to work. So I found a black leather bag in cloth and one in leather and Don did not like them at all , so he wondered off looking while I stayed with the sales girl just trying to decided if I really needed a 300.00 purse for work. I mean, I have never in my life spent that kind of money on a handbag, and 300,00 in the Coach store is there cheapest bag.. Don calls my name and me and the sales lady turn around and he is holding this amazing black Crock bag up saying " This one is really nice and really you honey " the sales girl looks at me and says, yes that is a very nice bag and he picked the most expensive bag in the store, lol. I knew he didn't look at the sales tag , because he never would have picked it up and showed it to me.My little heart was a pounding for the bag he had in his hand. I just smiled and said , honey it is a amazing purse but did you look at the price tag? He looked at me and the sales girl and said " No, but if you like this bag then I'm buying it for you." The sales girl about fell out, and said.. WOW, go for it .. don't say no to a man that is going to buy you a bag like that!! Of coarse he did not give me a second to think about it before he told the sales girl we were taking the bag. There was a married couple standing next to us and the husband almost fainted and looked at his wife like, I'm sorry honey but your not getting that bag :(  I was almost crying I was so excited .. he went to the counter to pay for my new bag and the sales girl asked if it was my b-day, lol. Of coarse Don told her no and that he liked to buy me things that made me happy. He is such a sweet man to me. We had to wait a bit while they went in the back and got me my bag and I didn't think I could hardly wait! I carried that Coach bag so proudly threw the mall . It is really a moment I will never forget. I have always been a purse girl and shoes, but I have never really spent over 90.00 for a bag just because I like to change them out so much and it seemed really selfish to spend a lot on one. This bag will be a forever bag.. I don't see me getting rid of it in my life time. So here she is ladies.

                                MADISON EMBOSSED EXOTIC CARRYALL.

I did take a picture of the price tag, but I'm not sure if that is cool to post? So I won't because we all know that Coach is not cheap by any means. I can hear the sales girls talking after we left.. Man can you believe that guy bought that homely girl that bag, lol.. Ya, I looked that bad yesterday, lol. Don't judge a book by the cover peoples.
So after coming home and taking pics of my purse and loading it up, we were off to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and to Barns & Nobles . I love Barns & Nobles store. I trying to go more now that I have the Nook, because they are always running some special is you take your Nook in. Like yesterday I showed the Cafe my Nook and got a 3 piece chocolates from Godiva for free.. yummy.. when I came back from getting my free chocolate, Don and Cheyanne were at the Nook Counter. Of coarse Don wants to buy Cheyanne a Nook because she reads so much and it really would save us money in the long run. We let her test drive the Nook for a  bit and she wanted one. So don bought her the Wi-fi only version and a really nice cover for it. Talk about 2 excited girls yesterday!! he really made our year taking us on such a shopping spree. It's something we never do, so it was very nice treat.

I will post later in the week of how my new job is going :) i'm hoping this job will work out just fine for a long time. No more job changes for me. This is it. Have a great week everyone..

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