Thursday, January 29, 2009

What the hell

So I come to you this morning before going to my wonderful new job! I love this new job by the way. Something happend on a couple groups that I belong to . I hate everytime you start to love a group one of the Moderators gets on a kick of telling you everything you are doing wrong, by meaning you put a personal pic on the site or your weblink!! I'm so sick of the shit.. everyone in this one group had links to their blogs or twitter accounts along with a pic of their choose on thier user name.. but no,,,,, I do it and it because a all out hell breaks loss deal.. and it comes down to I was not plugging the group enough in my own blog, which I do on a very daily bases!!! so fuck them and the horse they came in on.. This world is about free speak and damn it I will say or do what ever the hell I want. Now i will not name the site or sites because that would just be a nasty thing for me to do and I am not a nasty person,but I will tell you that going thrue this I will change alot of the way that I go about posting on groups.. I will not ask for advice or post anymore because that seems to be against the rule!!!!! what the hell is a group for if you can't fucking post ............ughh.... I have always played by the rules, always, so it did hurt my feelings that I was told to remove all personal infomation from my user name on the group. I have noticed that alot of the other people on the group have had to do it too and guess what, I don't think alot of people hang out there anymore.. I will be at other wonderful sites like CRACKBERRY.COM, BBUNDERGROUND.COM,BLACKBERRYCHICK.COM, PINSTACK.COM,PIMPMYBERRY.COM,BLUEROOMSOLUTIONS.COM..
There are so many sites that I can not list them here,but you get the point that I have other places to go besides one group. This is my blog and I will rant and rave if I want too :) ... so there....... lol.... done bitching for now all...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Job and Ice

Well today is my second day at my new job and leaving work yesterday at 5pm it took 30 minutes to get the ice off my car windows! I drove 30 all the way home because the roads were so bad.
This morning I left the house at 5am and got to work at 6am and I don't start work till 8am ... The roads are really covered in ice and sleet right now...yuck. Ok, I will stop with the weather update and move on to work.

My first day went really well and I'm sure it will go great today. I'm just really tired right now from being up since 4am. Lots of coffee today I'm sure. This seems like a really nice place to work and I'm hoping to move up the ladder this year. Off to chat for a while.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

First day of new job

Well I'm all dressed and ready for my first day of work at AT&T . I'm a little nervous and it took a while to figure out just what to wear but I think I look nice. I could not remember if they said it was casual dress or business casual so I did buesiness casual to be on the safe side the first day.
I'm sitting listening to Lime and Violet for the first time on a very long time, hang head.... For some reason I just have not wanted to hear any podcasts but I'm sure everyone goes thrue this.
Do you think taking knitting to my first day on the job a bad thing???? I don't have it in my bag yet but I am thinking I should, really torn here. When I get back home today I will make sure to blog about my day :)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Knitting socks

Well here is my first sock using the Magic Loop method. I am really proud of myself for being able to do this from a book. I am a very visual learner and reading instuctions out of a book just drives me crazy and makes no sense to me, but thank god there were pictures in the book, lol..
I used size 4 needles and a Worsted Weight Acrylic since I have a ton of this stuff in my craft room. My using the Acrylic it seems I was alot more relaxed in making this and I was able to really focus on the task at hand. When I use yarn that I have payed good money for I seem to loss my way and get all stressed out over the project, resulting in the frog pond or just throwing it down and it collects dust for a while.
Now I think this is so damn ugly, but Don took it out of my hand right away and put it on his foot and wore it all night, lol.. He thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.. Men crack me up.
Today I will try and start the second one,but my hand it hurting pretty bad from knitting all day yesterday so I don't know if I can. When I went to the Doctor 2 weeks ago they said I had Carpel Tunnel in my right hand and gave me a brace to wear at night that really helps,but as soon as I start to type or knit it really starts to hurt. I don't want to have surgery but with starting this new job tomorrow I will be typing for 8 hours or more a day none stop!.. we will see what happens.. Till next time, Later Gators..

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh The Joy

Mac Cosmetics is teaming up with Hello Kitty and this line will be launched Feb 10th, 2009 ... !!!! can you feel the excitment :) . you know I will have call my niece that works for Mac to snag me one of these puppys :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hump Day

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Here I am still sick and can't sleep for shit..So why not post a little something to get my mind of being sick.
I was thinking about when I started this blog it was going to be something crafty and about knitting,yarn,cross stitch, but it has really turned into more than that. I do a lot of Blackberry research and buying of accessories and it seems so do a lot of other people. Maybe I have realized that I can have a lot of different hobbies and write about them all. Right now it seems I am pretty focused on starting my new job this coming Monday and hope that I am over this crude and will be able to focus 100% while I am in training. This job means a lot to me and I can't screw it up in any way. It seems like things around here are just crazy and I have to find a balance somehow before I go nuts on someone.
I am still reading Twilight when I can stand to hold my head up to read it.
Started a Avangeline glove last night in the hopes to spur my knitting back to life after such a long time away from it. A lot of it had to do with I have had problems with my right hand hurting and when I went to the doctor two weeks ago they said I had to wear this brace at night to stretch the muscles in my hand. I guess to much typing and knitting. It seems to be doing a lot better now. Well I think maybe I will do lay down and try to sleep a little before the little one gets up for school.. Till next time..

Monday, January 19, 2009


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So my last day at Dish Network was Friday and Saturday I wake up pretty freaking sick. By today being Monday I don't feel any better and I am pretty upset about it. I have a whole week off till I start my job at AT&T next Monday and I had planned on just getting things done for me, like shopping for new clothes, nails,hair that kinda stuff. But no I feel so crappy that I can not leave the house! I have not been sick in over a year and now I get sick, what kinda shit is that... can you tell Im a little upset over it. The plan I hope is by tomorrow I will feel better to at least hit the store for new clothes for the job, I have to get that done before I start.
Do any of my blog readers Twitter??? I love it and do it all the time, it is the best way to know what I am doing and what all my friends are up to.. Join me , follow me on Twitter. My Twitter name is HKprettyinpink :)
I going to go lay down and die now... see ya soon..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My New Hello Kitty theme I snagged off of of coarse. It looks so great with the new pink and white zebra stripped case I have on my berry.
I got this yesterday at Boarder's book store half off! Just the perfect thing to sit on my desk at my new job :)

So the short story on the above books. I decided I wanted to read the first book Twilight the other day after hearing how great they are. So I went to 3 different places and all i found were the last 3 books. The first one was no were to be found because everyone on god's green earth has decided to read it! So when I got off work yesterday I met my honey at Boarder's to get the book, no luck at all, they didn't have the first one and I was really pissed!. so my honey turn around and sees this book set sitting on the shelf , grabs its and runs to the front check out before I can protest the purchase which was 85.00 freaking dollars!! It should be against the law to charge so much for books.. anywho, it was so sweet of him to buy them for me and I am really excited to read them all . They better be good for as much as they cost damn it :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Skins

These are my 2 new skins I got off of Ebay this week, aren't they just me :) .. Now I am off to find a theme to match the zebra print one on the web,but I think I will have a hard time finding a pink You never know I might find one.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Job

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Congrats to me! I got the new job at AT&T :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BB Update

I had a theme made with my name on it and it so rocks!! I want to say thank you to for having some of the greatest theme makers ever. Thefloyd1970 on made this for me :) I feel so very lucky.

I joined Nancy Drew Themes Club this week and she is cranking out some kick ass Hello kitty themes which I will be showing off very soon. In the club you get 10 themes or more that she doesn't post anywere else, so its a really great club to be in. check her out at .

Did a little shopping on ebay this week and I hav gotten two new skins for my phone but they have not made it here yet. One is light pink and white zebra stripped. the other is bright pink with a design on the back. When I get those in I will make sure to post pics..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Are You Kidding Me!

I walk into work this morning at 6am and had to use the powder room. I will be damned if I don't look on top of the toilet paper despencer and there sits this almost new bottle of K-Y. What the freak is going on at night when I'm not in the call center!! This was just so strange to see. I guess someone had to get some in the womans bathroom lastnight,, yuck!!!!!! I have the strangest job I swear..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I am a day late and a doller short with this but here I am .lol.. I do hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Ours was full of work. I had to work all Day Christmas Day and so did Don because Dish Network is open 365 days a year, not to mention we both had to work Thanksgiving day too. Then we both worked New Years eve and New Years Day.. So our Holidays were really delayed and not that much fun around here because we are just to tired to really enjoy them. Cheyanne had a really nice Christmas spending the day at the shop with her daddy for 13 hours that day. She really enjoyed being with him and thinking she was kids crack me up.
On the knitting front there is nothing going on. I have not done anything in a really long time becuase of work and my hand has really been bothering me with swelling up and just hurting like hell. So no knitting for me.
I have a job interview next wenesday with AT&T and I am hoping i will have a new job. I just see myself doing the security thing another day longer without insurance and no sick time, enought is enought already. I will let you know what happens when I find out.
OH, we bought a Yukon to replace our Trans AM.. I was so freaked out by the wreck that I wanted another SUV to keep everyone more save. Its not new but it sure is nice and payed don't have to worry about a car payment at least. We have had it about 2 weeks and I have not gotten to drive it once because Mr. Man loves his new I will take pics soon to put on the blog..
Blackberry news: Not photos today but I will get working on it.. there are a ton of new themes out there and I had a True Blood made just for me and the show theme song as my ringtone.. it so rocks!!!!!!! If you have not gotten on what are you waiting for people.. get all the information you need to know about your berry.. move it now.
Till next time, take care and have fun..
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