Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BB Update

I had a theme made with my name on it and it so rocks!! I want to say thank you to for having some of the greatest theme makers ever. Thefloyd1970 on made this for me :) I feel so very lucky.

I joined Nancy Drew Themes Club this week and she is cranking out some kick ass Hello kitty themes which I will be showing off very soon. In the club you get 10 themes or more that she doesn't post anywere else, so its a really great club to be in. check her out at .

Did a little shopping on ebay this week and I hav gotten two new skins for my phone but they have not made it here yet. One is light pink and white zebra stripped. the other is bright pink with a design on the back. When I get those in I will make sure to post pics..

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bmarin said...

Congrats on the job!
There are no themes available for the Storm. Sad. Crackberry says maybe in March some themes will be available.