Thursday, January 29, 2009

What the hell

So I come to you this morning before going to my wonderful new job! I love this new job by the way. Something happend on a couple groups that I belong to . I hate everytime you start to love a group one of the Moderators gets on a kick of telling you everything you are doing wrong, by meaning you put a personal pic on the site or your weblink!! I'm so sick of the shit.. everyone in this one group had links to their blogs or twitter accounts along with a pic of their choose on thier user name.. but no,,,,, I do it and it because a all out hell breaks loss deal.. and it comes down to I was not plugging the group enough in my own blog, which I do on a very daily bases!!! so fuck them and the horse they came in on.. This world is about free speak and damn it I will say or do what ever the hell I want. Now i will not name the site or sites because that would just be a nasty thing for me to do and I am not a nasty person,but I will tell you that going thrue this I will change alot of the way that I go about posting on groups.. I will not ask for advice or post anymore because that seems to be against the rule!!!!! what the hell is a group for if you can't fucking post ............ughh.... I have always played by the rules, always, so it did hurt my feelings that I was told to remove all personal infomation from my user name on the group. I have noticed that alot of the other people on the group have had to do it too and guess what, I don't think alot of people hang out there anymore.. I will be at other wonderful sites like CRACKBERRY.COM, BBUNDERGROUND.COM,BLACKBERRYCHICK.COM, PINSTACK.COM,PIMPMYBERRY.COM,BLUEROOMSOLUTIONS.COM..
There are so many sites that I can not list them here,but you get the point that I have other places to go besides one group. This is my blog and I will rant and rave if I want too :) ... so there....... lol.... done bitching for now all...

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bmarin said...

I love Crackberry! I'll have to look up