Saturday, January 17, 2009

My New Hello Kitty theme I snagged off of of coarse. It looks so great with the new pink and white zebra stripped case I have on my berry.
I got this yesterday at Boarder's book store half off! Just the perfect thing to sit on my desk at my new job :)

So the short story on the above books. I decided I wanted to read the first book Twilight the other day after hearing how great they are. So I went to 3 different places and all i found were the last 3 books. The first one was no were to be found because everyone on god's green earth has decided to read it! So when I got off work yesterday I met my honey at Boarder's to get the book, no luck at all, they didn't have the first one and I was really pissed!. so my honey turn around and sees this book set sitting on the shelf , grabs its and runs to the front check out before I can protest the purchase which was 85.00 freaking dollars!! It should be against the law to charge so much for books.. anywho, it was so sweet of him to buy them for me and I am really excited to read them all . They better be good for as much as they cost damn it :)

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