Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hump Day

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Here I am still sick and can't sleep for shit..So why not post a little something to get my mind of being sick.
I was thinking about when I started this blog it was going to be something crafty and about knitting,yarn,cross stitch, but it has really turned into more than that. I do a lot of Blackberry research and buying of accessories and it seems so do a lot of other people. Maybe I have realized that I can have a lot of different hobbies and write about them all. Right now it seems I am pretty focused on starting my new job this coming Monday and hope that I am over this crude and will be able to focus 100% while I am in training. This job means a lot to me and I can't screw it up in any way. It seems like things around here are just crazy and I have to find a balance somehow before I go nuts on someone.
I am still reading Twilight when I can stand to hold my head up to read it.
Started a Avangeline glove last night in the hopes to spur my knitting back to life after such a long time away from it. A lot of it had to do with I have had problems with my right hand hurting and when I went to the doctor two weeks ago they said I had to wear this brace at night to stretch the muscles in my hand. I guess to much typing and knitting. It seems to be doing a lot better now. Well I think maybe I will do lay down and try to sleep a little before the little one gets up for school.. Till next time..

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bmarin said...

Right now it seems my Blackberry has taken over my life. I have had it since middle December. So I figure it is my new toy. It gets better, right? Right?