Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh In Day #2

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So here are the results so far since I started this journey .

1/5/10= 173.5

That's a total of 8 pounds gone! I am so excited that doing this Weight Watchers on my own is really working. Of I have my BBDiet buddies group that is always there to talk with,share workout ideas and menus, but for the most part alot comes down to me being really motivated to do this to the end. For once in my life I will make this work . I am doing small steps with work outs because I don't want to push to far with the high blood pressure,so I am doing what I can but I do plan on pushing it as much as possible till I get were my body is working hard. Love to hear from my readers that are working on them selfs and getting fit and thin :) have a great week everyone ...

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