Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Dry Erase Board This web link is for information on all the ways to use simple rubbing Alcohol that we all have in our homes.

This is why I am posting this. I have used rubbing alcohol on my Blackberry to clean the the whole phone including the track ball ever since I have had a Blackberry. It works very well because it evaporates very fast and it disinfects your phone at the same time,which we all need since it is always in our hands or we sit it some were. Well today I was looking at the 2 dry erase boards I have on my freg and they are just nasty with old ink that I can not get off for the past year. So I decided to hit google up to see if there was  a homemade dry erase board cleaner and guess what.... Rubbing Alcohol was it in a spray bottle or  on a cloth. Well I went to it and could not believe how easy and fast my boards became new again! Just amazing to me . So this really saved me some money peps. So next time you are in the dollar store pick up a couple bottles of rubbing alcohol to make your life simple and cheap for all your cleaning needs. Please check out the link above to read all the things that it can do for your home. I mean we all like cheap and clean , right?

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