Sunday, January 3, 2010

To find Your Wieght Watcher Daily Point Value

If you are planning on doing Weight Watchers without doing the meetings or the online services here is your daily Point range. I wanted to post this because I know a lot of people can not afford to pay for WW program. I hope this helps someone out there :)

Weight Watchers Point range for weight
less than 150 pounds- 20 Points per day

150-174- 22 Points
175-199- 24 Points
200-224- 26 Points
225-249- 28 Points
250-274- 30 Points
275-299- 31 Points
300-324- 32 Points
325-349- 33 Points
350+ 34 Points

(Adjust your points as you loose weight)
add 10 points if you are breastfeeding
Weekly Allowance Points- 35 Points (5 points per day, use daily or together or not at all)
Can use all allowance points, some, or none.

WW points quiz

1. Are you:
Female — 2pt
Male — 8pts
Nursing mom — 12pt
supplement bf w/ formula add 5
2. Age:
17-26 — 4pt
27-37 — 3pt
38-47 –2pt
48-58 — 1pt
Over 58 — 0pt
3. First who 2 digits of your weight:
(Example: Weight 150 = 15pt or Weight 250 = 25pt)
4. Height
Under 5?1?: 0pts
5?1? to 5?10?: 1pt
5?10? and over: 2pt
5. How you spend most of your days:
Sitting: 0pts
Occasionally Sitting, Mostly Standing: 2pts
Walking most of the time: 4pts
Doing physically hard work most of the time: 6pts
The Total is your daily POINTS.

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