Monday, July 2, 2007

Toe up sock

I want to learn to do the toe up sock. I was on and saw that she had alot of patterns for toe up socks on the side bar of her blog and with this great pattern called falling leaves from no other And these use the Magic Loop method which I want to try also. So I wanted to start another pair of sock in addition to my Hedera socks which are still on the needles and it looks like I will try the Falling Leaves or maybe something a little easyer for my first go around.

I have decided to do the Spirit of the SouthWest Shawl which I feel in love with the first time I saw it. It uses Zephyr Wool/Silk lace yarn in Cooper which i think I will stick with since it is the color of the red rocks in New Mexico.
I still have to buy the pattern and the yarn,but I figure this will something to look forward to in the next couple of weeks when I can really do some shopping. Of coarse I will buy a new set of circular needles just for this shawl.

I have learned that a blog is a great place to keep track of all the projects and stash I want. If I don't write it down I never remember what I want or what plans I had .lol. I would guess this is why most people start blogs. I have a long way to go in really knowing how to contruct a blog and how to add things to it. I guess in the future I will have to take a HTML class or something to help me along the way.

I still need to find a pattern for the Misti Alpaca lace yarn I bought in the pink, I think when the right piece comes along it will hit me and then it will be on baby.
I found out that there is a knit group in the town were I live ,that meets on Tuesdays nights at Penera Bread . I could not be more excited about it! I plan on going tomorrow night unless something comes along and I can't go like a major earth quake or something... I will take my camera and take some pics to share with you all. I am sitting here and wondering what in the earth to make for dinner! I hope I figure it out soon..

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July. Please remember to Honor our soilders that are fighting the war in the Middle east that make our freedom possible for us. :)

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Kat said...

What a pretty shawl! I *so* didn't need another project right now. LOL!

Happy 4th! Can't wait to meet you next week.