Friday, July 27, 2007

Super Kitty

Does this not make you laugh your ass I found this and could not decide if it was very cool or just really silly, you decide. I think it would be very neat to have a Hello Kitty super Hero running around saving me everyday :)

I checked Raverly this morning and look what it said , BY tonight or tomorrow I will be sitting pretty in the the Raverly world ladys and gents.

You signed up on June 5, 2007
You are #7049 on the list.
177 people are ahead of you in line.
13692 people are behind you in line.
33% of the list has been invited so far
I am still working on my MS3 stole that I keep messing up on so I am back to row 50 on clue 1.. I swear one day I will get to clue 2 if it kills me. Having worked on no lace prior to this I have to say that I really enjoy working on this and I see myself doing more lace in the future for sure!. I also down loaded some Classical music to my ipod today so that I have something relaxing to leason to while I knit. I am sure alot of you know already that I love Country music and 80 Hair bands like, Montly Crue and Skid Row and to many to mention right now., but I just for the life of me can't listen to head banging music while I knit on this MS3! Now socks is a diffrent story, but lace tends to take all my concertration and listening to Skid row is a large distraction for me since all I want to do is bang my head and jump up and down and dance. I was looking around Itunes this morning and found a podcast called The Concert and WGBH Classical Performances which as going to be my favs from now on.I can't remember the last time I listen to Classical music but it had to be back in the early 80's when I went to a o ballet. Just seems that life takes turns and twist and we just have to go along for the ride.
There use to be a podcast on Itunes called knit Tunes but I tryed downloading it today with no luck?? have no idea what the deal is with it, but maybe Itunes removed it for some reason? Check out all the new Knitting Podcast too while you are on there!!!. was to many to ever listen too,but fun to poke around anyway.. :)

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Dawn ; ) said...

ROFL ~ he looks ridiculous. ;D Have a great day. See ya tues night. ;)