Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blab And More Blab

well I kinda was sitting here this morning  thinking about all the stuff I have not blogged about and the things to come, so here we go. 
First off about 3 weeks ago my washer totally went out . Don tried to fix it and there was just no hope and I found him in the laundry room kicking and cussing the washer,lol. He was some kind of mad at the old beast and he charged out into the living room and stated we were going washer hunting. And that we did. we went to about 3 different places and ended up getting this washer for a steel. In fact when we went out this weekend back to Lowes were we bought it, it had gone up like 120.00!!!! so I guess we bought it at the right time for sure.

So last week I was in my craft room cleaning up and I really looked around and thought I missed having a work desk. I had a really nice one that was a L shape that I used for years but I gave it to my 10 year old  step daughter for her room along with my old desk top computer. Thinking about it made me text the Man and told him I would like it if he could make me a desk or if we could go buy one. Well the great man that he is said ok and I thought no more about it till he came home and said he found a really nice desk on Craigs list. Of coarse I was thinking the worst since most of the furniture I have seen there is not worth my time. But I thought I would go along  with it. We called the person and they said that someone was coming to their house to look at the desk and if they didn't take it we were more than welcome to come and decide if we wanted it. So we waited and the guy called back and said for us to come on over and look at it. Well when we got there I could not believe how pretty and perfect this desk was. It has never been used and the thick plastic is still on the seat of the chair to keep the fabric protected!! we got it for 75.00. The lady said it has just sat in a spare room unused since they bought it. As soon as we handed over the cash for the desk the other person called to say they were on the way to look at the desk..heeeeeee,, to bad suckers I got it first :) its so perfect for my craft room . The desk has no marks,scuffs , nothing on it. The house it was in was super nice,like a 400,000 house so you would think they would have charged more for the desk. My lucky day I guess, feel very lucky I got it.
This is my new laptop stand me and the Man picked of this week at Big Lots. We got two of them so we can sit in the living room and work. As you can see on the side there is my knitting :) Love this little contraption and thank who ever thought of it. Every nice to have.
We also this week re-stained the coffee table to a pretty almost black to match the furniture and bought new center piece mirror for the living room and a new massive clock to put over the tv. Trying to redo the living room to make it more modern. Next we will buy new recliners and get rid of the old ones.

So on to knitting.. I found someone to take spinning classes from and can't wait to learn. Plus I am going to try my hand at dying yarn for myself :) I have really wanted to do these two things for a very long time but for some reason I thought I had to have someone with me to do so. But I'm going just go out and do it for myself. I guess I will go to knitpicks.com and order yarn and dye and see how that goes. I watched a video were you can use kool-aid but I want more color than that is going to give me right now. May be something I try later on. I will post more next week when I have took my spinning class and dyed some yarn.. Happy knitting all.

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