Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Im still around

I thought I would post a little something before heading off to work this morning. Above are a couple of yarns and books that I have bought over the last month with all the intent to start new projects or to learn a new way to knit socks. Well, since I have been going to school none of this has I have about 1 more week of school and my life will calm down ,so I am really looking forward to normal nights with the family. I went out last week and purchased a new Palm thinking it would help me keep track of tasks and bills :) , we will see if I can update the scheduler everday on the laptop,but so far this little thing is wonderful!!!!! it is like having my laptop with me everwere and more. You really can't see it from my crappy photo but the phone is PINK :) .. I sure have enjoyed reading blogs about the adventures at the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling, boy did I miss a good time.There is always next year and boy do I want to make it a point to go.
I spent a couple hours this week at the dentist office and was told I needed 3 root canals !!!!!!!!! oh my god!!! or i can have them pulled and bridges put in... I am so freaked out I don't know what to do,but I do know that they want to charge me about 5,000.00 for all this work!!!!!!! there is no way I can have all this done. So I will be looking hard into other dentist and options at this point. I should have been a dentist..:)
Hope all you out there are doing well and are knitting up a storm. Till next time... peace..

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Bobbi said...

So the palm is a phone too?