Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This and That

Here I am wondering what to blog about as random thoughts pulse threw my brain and bamm! my phone rings and it is one of my girlfriends from work. She received a email from one of our old co-workers that we have not talked to in over a year! it is fantastic to hear from people you had enteractions with ever day in the work place. In fact, I myself recieved a email today also from a ex-cowork I worked with about 8 years ago!. what are the odds that both me and my girl-friend would hear from people we have not talked to in so , so long??? makes ya wonder.
Speaking of work, as you know my job is sitting on my butt all day doing almost nothing ,just the occational temporary badge to give access into the building or walker around the building once and a while.. So most of the time I am knitting when people walk by coming in or out of the main door into the building. This has caused some what of a fasination with my knitting.. I get questions all day in regards to what I am making, whom I am making it for, and how they love my crochet!!!! now, why in the world do people assume that knitting is crochet? this really bugs me,but this is jumping off the track here. In my last post I had talked about not knitting for profit, but knitting because I want to.Well it seems that the woman whom I knittied the poncho for has friends that saw this little girls poncho and went crazy over it, and demanded that she ask me to make 3 adult size poncho at any cost!!!!..lol.. I was so excited to hear that someone was asking for me to make something for them and that they loved what they saw I could hardly stand it. Of coarse I took a long , deep breath and told her I would have to think about it in depth since I don't have a clue as to how much would be far to charge. I was besides myself with pride and joy that I had done something that made someone stop and take notice.. what a wonderful feeling. In really looking at it, I am positive that it is way beyound me to make these poncho at this time and I will have to turn down the offer.My skill and time don't match really. If I knew for sure I could get my gauge correct for a adult size i might think about doing it, but I just don't know. I will think on it somemore.
I have started a Magic scarf out of some Simple Soft I had laying around the house.I know.. Its Acrylic and cheap but it seems to hit the spot with a simple little scarf that I don't feel like spending a fortune on. I really have to think about cheaper ways to get My Knit On!. if you are not careful you can spend a whole pay check in your local yarn store. I really don't like that way it is turning out,so I may end up getting some Patrons SWS instead.
News flash, I got my HAIR CUT.. I didn't go as short as i wanted to but I got about 4 or 5 inches taken off and I had it layered to give me some body. It had just gotten to long to do anything with and killed my neck when I put it up.the little one got her hair cut yesterday too!! boy was that a fight in a half . but it came out so good that the lady that cut it took all kinds of picures of her to put up in her shop :) now that made Cheyanne a very happy little girl. Just knowing her picure was going to be in the shop was enough to make her forget about her hair being cut off..lol... well, till next time.. keep on keeping on .

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Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

Wow I am so proud to be your friend, before you know it you will be making your own designs. Can't wait to see your haircut. I will be delivering the Jan. sock yarn next monday, I am planning on helping with the pkging, but other then that shouldn't be to busy. Maybe we could get together.
xoxo Stacy