Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sock update

Here is my progress on my Jaywalker socks in Sundance from Tempted!. I had to put these to the side for about a week because I was working on a poncho for my Daughter and wanted to have it finished by Thanksgiving day, which did not happen :) But the poncho is finished and I just need to make a pic of it on her. Life has been really crazy around here to say the least.. I has on the phone with my bank today for ever trying to get them to refund some of the money that they stole out of my checking account!. they refunded 70.00 of the 245.00 they took!!!.I have had my account with them for 7 years and I will be closing it next week. It took them 10 days to post my work check after I made a deposit and then charged me 7 NSF fees because I used my own money .. they are out of their ever loving minds, this little girl is going else were with her money.. I still will post fully on this situation later.
I have been working every day since Thanksgiving and finally today I got a day off!!.. I still had to get up at 4:00am to drive my Man to our Boses house 30 miles away and back home. Then my phone rang off the wall and I never went back to bed!!!. I have been a screaming, pissed off woman all day long because I am over worked, over worked and way to stressed out of money to deal with life today.. It just seems this year will never end and the bad luck just keeps coming.I do hope within the next couple of weeks my life will be normal and I won't be working like a crazy person..
On the knitting front I am working on another poncho, for a co-worker and i still have the jaywalkers on the needles..and I am thinking of doing a pair of fingerless gloves , we will see.. I knit most of my days at work,so there is no excuse to not knit since I sit on my butt looking at cameras..lol..I do like the new job alot :).. tell next time..


Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

It looks AWESOME! I am always here, if you need me.

Bobbisox said...

The sock looks great and you need some time off!!!!
What the hey, they sound like they are working you to death. At first it sounded great, going to work with your DH and then knitting, but it seems that they are failing to remember that you need time to yourself. Even when you get a day off you have to drive?? Glad you have your knitting to keep you sane.