Sunday, December 2, 2007


Here I am at 4am in the morning on a Sunday getting ready to go to work for the 10th day in a row with no day off!!.. I have not had a day off from work since Thanksgiving which I don't call a day off since I had to help mom with the fixing of the food and clean the kitchen. I guess It was not the Thanksgiving I am use to since mom didn't make anythiny that day that didn't come out of a can!! Oh, the turkey and ham where fresh.I had wanted to fix dinner at my house but since it is so small we decided to work at moms house:( , but when I had agreed to this she said nothing of dinner coming out of a can!. I would have been more than happy to fix a real dinner. I will be so happy when the holidays are over. I see all these blog posts of familys putting up the Christmas tree and baking cookies having a grand ole time and I am just hating life with all the work and lack of sleep these days.I just am not wanting Christmas this year at all!!!..I just want to sleep and never get up again.. ok, enough of that... on another note, We seem to be in business with a bank . (Bank of America) that thinks they can just steel our money and get away with it.. boy can I post about this and I will later on,its just to long of a story to hash out right now at 4am... but the short story is that they have taken 300.00 out of our account in NSF fees when we had money in our bank!!!!!!!.. grrrrr.....Boy oh boy am I mader than a old wet hen about this mess and believe me I am trying everthing to get our money back. I will we posting fully about this tomorrow when I have a day off.I hope everyone is have a better week than me and is staying warm...

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