Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well sorry fokes but not wip pics today. It seems that the batterys to my camera will not charge so I am unable to place great pics on my blog. We all know I love using my cellphone to grab shots,but this one thing I can not take a picture of because it is on my phone. My boss at work got me a Hello Kitty face place for my Razer phone that is to die for! I was like a 2 year old getting a new toy.She had gotten me a black face plate with pink hearts on it last week because I had talked her into upgrading her old phone to a razor and of coarse the sales person showed her all the face plates..lol.. she ended up buying herself 5 face plates plus my 2. What a great boss.. made my day.

Last week I did get a new skein of sock yarn at my LSN, it is Lang yarns which I had never heard of but when i saw it I decided I would make a pair of fingerless mits with it. Now to just find a pattern I like. My LNS did have the Just Not socks book that I feel in love with and is on my Christmas list for sure. It had been so long since I had bought any yarn that I just wanted to buy everything they had, but I don't think my family would like starving to death because I bought yarn. I am working on a winter hat for myself in pure white and hope to have it done this week so I can' wear it before we have another ice storm.. oh the ice storm last week was crazy here in Oklahoma and I was very lucky to not get any ice and no loss of power at my house. Millions of people were without lights and heat for way to long . We had people sleeping at work because they had no heat at home!.. I sure hope that mess is over with for a while. My thought go out to anyone that is still without power.

I have been working alot the last month and it seems I never have time to blog or even talk to friends on the phone these days,but I do hope that in the future that will change:) The next post I will include pics of the phone cover, my hate and my new sock yarn purchase.. Hope that there is still someone out there that is reading this crazy and boring blog:).. till next time.. peace out..

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Bobbisox said...

OK, about your face plate; bet your SO is thinking of starting his own hellokittyhell blog LOL. I am so glad you got a neat gift from your boss, you sure have been putting your time at work in, and I hope you get your camera recharged. I am thinking of buying an ac adaptor for mine. I mean, I carry the usb cable with the camera in my purse, what's wrong with even more cables?