Saturday, April 12, 2008

101st between memorial and sheridan road damage.

Crews are busy making road repairs

Edited by: Phil Berman Email: Last Update: 4/11 6:44 pm
Crews in Tulsa were busy repairing roads Friday.Part of South 101st Street, between Sheridan and Memorial caved in from the flooding.Crews say this is just a temporary fix.Maintenance supervisors are looking into funding that can pay for a permanent solution.
So I hit this massive road damaged yesterday morning at 6am that I never saw because it had water standing in it and it was dark..But I hit this massive thing going about 40 miles a hour! there were no street signs stating there was damage to the road and it has fucked up the rim on my car, not to mention anything else I don't know about right now. I wrote a email to News Channel 2 to see if I call the city if they will pay for the repairs to my Brand new 2008 Malibu or whom I need to call, this was so not my fault and I am really, really upset over it.. on the News Channel 2 website there is a video of the big massive hole in the road being fixed! I guess other people fell into this damn thing yesterday and bitched.. I am so upset that I can't see straight and I am scared that my car is not going to be fixed . If any of you know whom I need to call please leave a comment here or if you hit this road damage your self... here is the link to the video on channel 2...
I will be calling around today to see what can be done and I sure hope its not out of my pocket at this point.. I will keep you updated.


Bobbisox said...

Sorry to hear about the car and the hole. I would just call my insurance agent; mine has never denied anything we threw at him, and in 2006 there was a busted out rear window and one month to the day, neon orange grafitti. We sort of joked about my lovely neighborhood and a call to them a month hence. thank goodness that didn't happen. but they pick up anything that happens to any of our vehicles, so see what they say.

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