Thursday, August 23, 2007

Im still here

Have you missed me? heee... Well I still have no internet at home so that is the reason for not posting as often. sign.... I sure do miss it.

I quit my job last week after a horrible customer talked to me like a dog and my manager said to just move on and not let it affect me and that the customer didn't know me on a personal level. When I asked very politly for the customer not to talk to me in such a manor I was told I could not ever let the customer know that they had upset me or they were doing anything wrong!!!!!!!! I will not work such assholes that won't stand behind their employees.. so I just walked out in the middle of my shift. I do have a new job and I start on monday!!.. Its at Merrits Bakery and will be loads of fun.. no more stressful jobs for me, I am putting myself and my family first for once in my life..
And to my Panera knit group.. I am so sorry for missing Tuesday night! I was really sick with a stomach bug and could in no way make it.. I hate when I miss hanging out with the group and talking all night.. Hope you all had a great time..
Not alot going on in the knitting front. I am still working on the MS3 on Clue 3 ,... going slow but I am having alot of fun with it.. I am still working on the Hendra sock from Cookie A on , and working on a plain sock in Trexxing #100.. I will try and post from my cellphone and see if it works, so if you read some little comments or blurbs, that would be me playing around.. I miss all my internet friends and hope to be online very, very soon... miss you all...

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Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

missing you, hope everything is ok.
be good