Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Hedera sock has ended

I ripped out the hendra sock from Cookie A that I was working on forever!!.. It just was not coming out right because I am a dumb butt and can't read the directions. So I have decided I will buy a new ball of the Panda cotton and start over. The reason being I have to buy more yarn is because this yarn splits really easy and I don't think i will look very good since I have frogged this sock like 3 or 4 times if not
My Mystery Stole is coming along. I am on Clue 2 half way done and hope by the end of the week to be working on clue 3 at least. Clue 5 can out this Friday and I am trying to stay off the yahoo board so that I don't see anything about what it might But I am sure as big as the internet is I will trip on top of it one day.
My internet is acting crazy and kicking me off every 3 minutes or so.. So i may not be around at all since it will not even let me get on yahoo without disconnecting the DSL connection.. I am thinking I have a bug in my system and I will have to re-formate my hard drive.. I may be posting to my blog via my cellphone.. lord that will take forever.. I guess I better figure out how to do it I have no new pics to put up since I am being a lazy butt and not taking pics.. I will post as soo as I can and when my computer will let me... :) till next time..

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