Monday, March 4, 2013

Life gets away sometimes

Hi cyber land :) been a while since i have posted anything on here. I don't know why I can't remember to blog more, I mean I have a blogger app on my phone and I have one on my ipad , so there should be no reason to let so much time go by. I'm pretty sure I don't really have anyone that reads this blog but that's ok, this is my little space to write and enjoy alone time with my thoughts .
There has been a whole lot of no knitting in my life . I have gone yarn shopping for a cowl and a scarf , but I have yet to cast on for those . I really want new socks, but I have not cast on for those . I'm working part time substitute teaching so that takes about 3 or 4 days of my week , then I have church Monday night for a couple hours, Wednesday night and sometimes on Friday for youth. Then I have me time which involves me playing ipad games , or reading . My life is not very exciting but it's what I enjoy and it just works.
Don did buy me new furniture a couple weeks ago and it is so nice to have something no one else has ever sat on. We have always had used furniture , so this was a real treat for us. We have replaced everything now that I had when I was single over 10 years ago . It's a nice feeling knowing that we have built a life together and gotten rid of old memory's from my past.
I'm hoping that this summer while our daughter is gone on youth camp we can take a nice vacation together , maybe a honeymoon :)


Bobbisox said...

Hi Robin!!! this is Bobbi in San Diego and while I am lax on my sock knitting and gardening I am still cooking up a storm, I hear you on the blogging, I just have nothing really worth blogging about and am on facebook ALLLLL the time. Are you on it too? you are the first one who I ever heard of that used Twitter, and you had your I touch and now I guess your I pad, so I guess you use it too, I don't know if you can look me up or want to but on facebook I am Barbara Joan Ouimette-Christy and my profile pic is me but a bit dark, I was facing away from the ocean and wanted to show where I was standing. I hope you check in and see this, Cheers, Bobbi

Robin said...

Hi girl , it's so great to hear from you . I tried to find you on Facebook but I couldn't . I'm Robin Wagner Adamson on Facebook, I would love to chat and get caught up .. Let me know if you can't find me , I'll send you my email address :) hope to hear from you soon