Saturday, April 28, 2012

Were Have I been

Hi world here I am ..

Well I have not posted since Christmas and it is now April 28th, 2012.. A lot has happened in that time frame. On January 28th, Don and I got married at our local church :) what a great day it was. We had about 40 people come to the wedding and had a small reception with food and picture taking. It was a perfect small wedding and I could not ask for anymore than that. We had planned on going to Branson,  Missouri for our honeymoon but when we stopped in Springfield , Missouri to see Don's mom that had been sick, we realized she was more than sick, she was dying. We stayed a week with her and she passed on Feb 6, 2012.. It was a fast and aggressive lung cancer and It just was the worst thing I have ever seen. We never did get a honeymoon or to celebrate our wedding because we were just so sad over the loss of his mother. If you smoke, STOP now while you are healthy. No one should die like that.
Also in February our 12 year old daughter was baptized in Jesus name at our local church.. Talk about excited , she was on cloud 9 for days after that. we are very proud of her for making the big step into adult hood and taking her faith further.
I also found out that I am going to be a grandma for the first time. My oldest son Dean and his wife are expecting a baby boy in June . I am so very excited to see the little guy and see him grow up.. Who would have thought I would be old enough to be a grandma,lol..
No knitting has been going on since December or before. I just have not had the drive to pick it up and I think its one of those things were life gets in the way all the time. I have started reading more and spend a lot of time at church during the week. but I do miss knitting. Its just one of those things were I need to sit down and do it again.

I have been working at the local schools as a sub, but that ends in a couple weeks so I will have to find a full time job to get me threw the summer. I am really praying God finds me the right job and I won't have to struggle with all the wrong ones. I will try and post here more often. I seem to still use facebook and twitter alot more than my blog, but blogging is a good outlet for me to get my thoughts out on paper , short of.....
Have a great weekend all..

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