Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Esty Purchase

So I decided after watching The Knit Girllls video podcast and them always talking about the Piddleloop bags on Etsy I decided to go have a look. First I have to have something that is pink and second if its Hello Kitty I am all over that. Well Piddleloop did not have any patterns I like so I did a new search and came up with this Hello Kitty project bag from Bad Amy Knits.. I about fell over my self to buy this since there was only 1 left. It was so waiting for me to buy it :) can't wait to get this and stick my sock projects in it . It will so go with the new Hello Kitty Messenger bag that Janet Barton from Raverly sent me last month. She is the designer of the Rose Leaf Trellis Shawl that we are doing a KAL on Raverly with. She is a super talented and sweet lady, very lucky to know and chat with her on a daily bases. Can not wait to get this little gem to stick in my Hello Kitty Messenger bag :)