Saturday, July 11, 2009

New contest

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying all this hot weather we have been having., at least it is very hot here in Oklahoma at 103 yesterday .
On the knitting front I am still working on my Girasole which i had to frog back 2 rows on chart C because I did them wrong, go figure . I'm really loving this pattern and can't wait to make one for my self in the future.
My Knitting time has been so cut short because of my new job with AT&T and this crazy split shift I work. I tell ya it is just wearing me out and I m tired all the time now. we do a shift bid next week so I hope soon I will get a better schedule .

I got on Itunes this morning to see what new podcast were up and I found had put a new podcast out :) always makes me very happy to watch one of these podcast from Kat. The only thing is they are not long enough. I tend to sit and watch all the episodes all in one sitting to relax and be part of a knitting community. Since starting my new job I can not go to knit night anymore and I never get to be with other knitter :( its really sad sometimes when I just want to hang or shop with other knitters. It is really bad when I really need some instruction on a project i am working on and I just end up trying to search the Internet for some help,which most of the time Raverly or knitting fits the bill. I also use for alot of help too.

Http:// is having a contest for a Wendy knits new sock book :O I have been wanting this since it came out but i just don't have time to head to the book store and extra cash . Go over and post which method of sock knitting is your preference. top down or toe up.. Thats all there is to the contest. Best of luck to everyone .. talk to you soon.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and knit your hearts out :)

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