Thursday, March 13, 2008

OOPS I Did it Again

I went and joined the Mysticlight KAL on yahoo groups. The only reason I am doing this again is because I feel like such a dumb butt after joining the Mystery Shawl 3 and didn't finish it!!! IT IS STILL SITTING AROUND MY HOUSE. I just didn't like the design after I saw all the finished products..My good freind Stacy of Tempted yarns called me and said she was going to do it and was really, really in the groove about it so I signed up on Yahoo and on the Raverly group. Now deciding what color to use on this is a nightmare for me since I just love everything out there these days :). Of coarse it will have to be pink and maybe one other color,but at this point it is all up in the air. I thought maybe I would try my hand at dyeing my own yarn since everyone in the world is doing it but me..Miss Stacy said she would help me as long as I drive to her place for the day ) ,.. I have been so busy that we have not gotten together in forever and ever!!!!! so sorry Stacy, I still love ya to death..
I went and bought yarn yesterday for the Baby blanket I am making for a girl at work and i have to say I don't like the colors, light green and light blue , but thats what she wanted. I am going to use the Broom stick lace method for this and hope that it works.This is a new crochet design for me and I am hoping that it will turn out and be very fast at the same time. Iwill post later when I actully start it.. if anyone has pictures of thier finished Broom stick lace or Hairloom lace blankets I would love to see them.. till next time :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Need Crochet help

I am looking for a baby blanket in the broom stick lace pattern for free but have not been able to find one. My problem is that I don't know what the average size is for a baby blanket and I need for it to be not to big and really fast to crochet up since I should have had this done about 3 weeks ago. Anyone know what the average size is for a babyblanket? I don't have time to crochet a full size afghan and it has to be big enough so the child can use it later in life. Also I don't know how to figure gauge on this since I have never done Broom stick before. I will be using worsted weight yarn on this project. Any help would be fantastic at this point. I have found great instructions on youtube of broom stick lace work if anyone wants to check it out.
I have not touch my crochet in over a year since learning to this will be alot of fun for me and I hope to make something for myself after I complete this baby blanket.. please email me at my or leave a coment here. If you leave a email at the above address please put the subject as broom stick lace help so that I don't delete it.. thank you so much..