Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Need Crochet help

I am looking for a baby blanket in the broom stick lace pattern for free but have not been able to find one. My problem is that I don't know what the average size is for a baby blanket and I need for it to be not to big and really fast to crochet up since I should have had this done about 3 weeks ago. Anyone know what the average size is for a babyblanket? I don't have time to crochet a full size afghan and it has to be big enough so the child can use it later in life. Also I don't know how to figure gauge on this since I have never done Broom stick before. I will be using worsted weight yarn on this project. Any help would be fantastic at this point. I have found great instructions on youtube of broom stick lace work if anyone wants to check it out.
I have not touch my crochet in over a year since learning to knit..lol.. this will be alot of fun for me and I hope to make something for myself after I complete this baby blanket.. please email me at my oklababydoll4u@yahoo.com or leave a coment here. If you leave a email at the above address please put the subject as broom stick lace help so that I don't delete it.. thank you so much..

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