Saturday, December 13, 2008

My love

Here is my baby at Halloween with her pretty Hello Kitty theme on.
This is my current theme The I also downloaded the ringtone to match :) all I need now is a red skin cover and I will be set for the holidays.

Here is a theme I had for a while at Thanksgiving time. This was a really good theme for every day use.

I ran across this beauty on this week and almost thought I was going to cry. Is this not the most ausome thing you have seen.Well to me it is just amazing.. This is the the Bold in pink.
The phone is not out yet or anything like that , but it sure makes me want it now!!!!! but I really want the 8900 that will be coming to t-mobile , to many phones to pick from these days.. makes a girl want them all :)

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bmarin said...

Hi! I saw you on Crackberry. I'm a knitter and have a blackberry too! I'm on Ravelry too! I'm Bemerry on Ravelry. Luvmyhubby on Crackberrry. My blog