Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sunny Days

This post is a little late just because I wanted to fill the pages with all kinds of new pictures,but of coarse I am up at 4am this morning and the brain is not working that well yet. As you can guess I am finally back online and very happy to be settled into our new home and my soon to be new job! yes, you heard me correctly a new JOB. My better half has let me take over his job at Echostar/Dish network as a security guard:). Now this is the prefect job for me because of several reasons. First being that I will be working in a building with all my old friends/co-workers!!!! I can read all day long,play cards, knit, knit and more knitting... and I will work till 230 pm everyday except one day a week I will have to work till 11pm. Then there is the fact that me and Don /my other half will get to ride together to work every day which means only using one car, filling 1 gas tank. talk about saving alot of money on gas.. We are really excited about this because he got a new job at Dish Network as a cable installer which they will give him a company work truck, so we may not even have to drive our car to work everyday. we are talking over 50 miles one way to work since we moved out in the Boonie I got to meet the woman I will be working with and she is wonderful and sweet,so I am sure this will be a great job for me. Seems like life is finally stating to straighten out for us :)
On the Knitting front , the picture I have posted is of Sundance from Tempted Hand Painted yarns here in Oklahoma at I bought this yarn some time this summer and had been waiting for the right pattern to use it. Well, I found it.. I will try and make my first pair of Jaywalkers using the Sundance. Now when I had decided to do this I pulled the skein out and took off the band to re-ball the thread by was all going well until the yarn fell to the floor into one big tangled mess!!!!!!!!! it took me 2 hours or more to untangle and re-ball the I almost threw it in the trash and said the hell with it..I was so mad I could have spit at that damn mess. Of coarse I am very happy that I took the time to figure out the knots and put it all back together. Sounds like Humpty Dumpty story with a ball of yarn.. lol.. I have decided to make are few more projects and thought I would share them with you.
1. Jaywalkers in Sundance
2. Fake Fair Isle Hate
3. Mermaid gloves
4. Pair of Men's socks. worsted weight
boy, I could go on and on with this list,but I will stop there because I really want to make these before winter is over. I also am making my Christmas list for my honey and it seems I am really needy this year. The list includes, best buy for Pink laptop and new Touch Ipod, Knit picks for a set of Options needles and Harmony needles if they are off back order. And alot of yarn!.. Of coarse I am sure he will buy me some Brighton Jewelry since I love it so much,but I can do without it for the above
I hope to be blogging a lot more since I have the pc up and running again after I got the blue screen of death 2 days ago and had to reformat the hard drive..uggggg.... I sure have missed all my Internet friends and reading blogs.. see ya soon..


Bobbisox said...

Wow, it looks like my sister is not the only yellow-and-orange lover out there! Nice colorway, let us know how it feels and works up. What weight is it? I am so happy you got the job and that you will be able to commute with your honey; it makes life so much easier and it gives you time to talk without the kids around. I loved those days. Heck sometimes we would stop and get some fast food, which normally my hubby abhors, but it was good to have the option to just do that. You will have the knitting to do while you are at work, my hubbys' friend who is a security guard calls him ALL the time or is on the computer sending us goofy stuff so you will be way more productive ..grin.. I will let you know about the cell phone pics; today is the San Diego Knit Together so I might have something to take pics of.

Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am for you. It has been so nice to get to chat again with you too. Let me know how it's going with the sock, once you get past the first few rows bet it will be a breeze. Love ya Stacy