Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October is finally here : )

Hello ,
The Picure is of Me and my boyfriend , my 2 sons and our daughter.. don't I have a Beautiful family. this pic was taken last summer.

Well lets see were to start. It has been a while since my last post as you can guess I am still without internet access at home and have to run around looking for a friends pc or the public library to do my hand work.lol... I am still looking for a new job and hoping that it won't be long before a have a few phone calls. It is really hard to find a got this days that works with my family schedule and being close to home,but I am sure within in the next couple of weeks I will have something in the way of work.

I did pick up my Trekking sock in #100 and started to work on it for the past couple of days, I happend to be almost finished with it and hope to have it done in another day or so. Right now I am at my mom and dads out of town helping them unpack thier new home, mind you they moved over a month ago and I just learned that the house was not unpacked. So my mom called me and asked if I would come over and help out since I am not working..lol..... at least this will keep my mind of everything. I have taken dads laptop over today and spent most of the morning on Raverly!!! lord do I miss it.. I have added a few new friends and selected a few new groups, in the hopes that I will be online soon and able to chat and blog away once again. Not being able to blog,read or search the internet is like the worst punishment I have ever had... this has made me realize that I need to invest in buying a laptop!!!! this way I could at least get internet access via coffee shops and such.

on the knitting front I am having stash withdrawls because I have not bought any stash in over 2 months if not longer!!!!!!!!!!!! Yarn is calling to me, buy me, buy me PLEASE..... but first I have to have a job to buy yarn, I do have to eat and have air and water :), or do I..... I hope someone out there is still looking at my blog and haveing fun with it... lord knows I love reading all the blogs in blogger land.. I hope everyone enjoys the month of October...

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Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

Well I am stin reading your blog. Hope you are ok. Talk to you soon I hope.