Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Marry Christmas 2007

Look at me, I am trying out for the Price is Right. Here is the little one with one of her Bratz Christmas Presents. She also got Bratz movie,cd, 35 mm Camera, MP3 player.. Let me just say that her whole room is Bratz these days.
Here she is with the 6th Harry Potter book, which I got the wrong one.. she needed the 5th..It's so hard to keep up. It only took her 1 week to read the 4th one!.

Here is my Christmas Gift from Santa!!!!! a Ipod Touch 8GB. I can not tell you how excited I was when I got this..and it has a pink case :)

Here is My stash of Hello Kitty and Godiva Chocolate..yummy...
We had a fantastic time opening gifts this morning , but I am pretty happy it is all over with and life can go back to normal. We had lunch with my mom and dad and my youngest son which I really enjoyed too. All and all we had a nice time. I do hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a safe and happy new year..
To my Loving Family Don and Cheyanne: My life would not be as full as it is , even with the ups and downs we have had this past year,but I would not change waking up each and every day having you in my life.. I love you so much that it is hard to put into words sometime, lord knows I have a very hard time showing how I really feel. Just know that you are my heart and soul and reason for getting out of bed every single day..xxxoooo

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Knitty friends rock

I am lucky enough to have Stacy of Tempted yarns here in Oklahoma as one of my very best friends and knitting buddys. She stopped by my work this week while she was in town and brought me this great Christmas gift!!!!. I am sure she loves me more than life its self after seeing this t-shirt. If you have not stopped by and looked at Tempted Hand painted yarns please do, she does amazing colors and is a sweetheart to know. You can find here at Loopy Ewe now too,if you are fast enought to hit purchase before they fly out the door. I have here webpage on my blog list . Thank you so much Stacy for the 2 great t-shirts.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MY HK Faceplate

I found a pic of my new face plate.. It does not show the gold stars and gold glitter that pop when you see the face plate.. Is this not the sweetest thing you have ever seen:).. I just love it to death.. It also has a non-slip surface that makes it alot easyer to hold the phone.


Well sorry fokes but not wip pics today. It seems that the batterys to my camera will not charge so I am unable to place great pics on my blog. We all know I love using my cellphone to grab shots,but this one thing I can not take a picture of because it is on my phone. My boss at work got me a Hello Kitty face place for my Razer phone that is to die for! I was like a 2 year old getting a new toy.She had gotten me a black face plate with pink hearts on it last week because I had talked her into upgrading her old phone to a razor and of coarse the sales person showed her all the face plates..lol.. she ended up buying herself 5 face plates plus my 2. What a great boss.. made my day.

Last week I did get a new skein of sock yarn at my LSN, it is Lang yarns which I had never heard of but when i saw it I decided I would make a pair of fingerless mits with it. Now to just find a pattern I like. My LNS did have the Just Not socks book that I feel in love with and is on my Christmas list for sure. It had been so long since I had bought any yarn that I just wanted to buy everything they had, but I don't think my family would like starving to death because I bought yarn. I am working on a winter hat for myself in pure white and hope to have it done this week so I can' wear it before we have another ice storm.. oh the ice storm last week was crazy here in Oklahoma and I was very lucky to not get any ice and no loss of power at my house. Millions of people were without lights and heat for way to long . We had people sleeping at work because they had no heat at home!.. I sure hope that mess is over with for a while. My thought go out to anyone that is still without power.

I have been working alot the last month and it seems I never have time to blog or even talk to friends on the phone these days,but I do hope that in the future that will change:) The next post I will include pics of the phone cover, my hate and my new sock yarn purchase.. Hope that there is still someone out there that is reading this crazy and boring blog:).. till next time.. peace out..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sock update

Here is my progress on my Jaywalker socks in Sundance from Tempted!. I had to put these to the side for about a week because I was working on a poncho for my Daughter and wanted to have it finished by Thanksgiving day, which did not happen :) But the poncho is finished and I just need to make a pic of it on her. Life has been really crazy around here to say the least.. I has on the phone with my bank today for ever trying to get them to refund some of the money that they stole out of my checking account!. they refunded 70.00 of the 245.00 they took!!!.I have had my account with them for 7 years and I will be closing it next week. It took them 10 days to post my work check after I made a deposit and then charged me 7 NSF fees because I used my own money .. they are out of their ever loving minds, this little girl is going else were with her money.. I still will post fully on this situation later.
I have been working every day since Thanksgiving and finally today I got a day off!!.. I still had to get up at 4:00am to drive my Man to our Boses house 30 miles away and back home. Then my phone rang off the wall and I never went back to bed!!!. I have been a screaming, pissed off woman all day long because I am over worked, over worked and way to stressed out of money to deal with life today.. It just seems this year will never end and the bad luck just keeps coming.I do hope within the next couple of weeks my life will be normal and I won't be working like a crazy person..
On the knitting front I am working on another poncho, for a co-worker and i still have the jaywalkers on the needles..and I am thinking of doing a pair of fingerless gloves , we will see.. I knit most of my days at work,so there is no excuse to not knit since I sit on my butt looking at cameras..lol..I do like the new job alot :).. tell next time..

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Here I am at 4am in the morning on a Sunday getting ready to go to work for the 10th day in a row with no day off!!.. I have not had a day off from work since Thanksgiving which I don't call a day off since I had to help mom with the fixing of the food and clean the kitchen. I guess It was not the Thanksgiving I am use to since mom didn't make anythiny that day that didn't come out of a can!! Oh, the turkey and ham where fresh.I had wanted to fix dinner at my house but since it is so small we decided to work at moms house:( , but when I had agreed to this she said nothing of dinner coming out of a can!. I would have been more than happy to fix a real dinner. I will be so happy when the holidays are over. I see all these blog posts of familys putting up the Christmas tree and baking cookies having a grand ole time and I am just hating life with all the work and lack of sleep these days.I just am not wanting Christmas this year at all!!!..I just want to sleep and never get up again.. ok, enough of that... on another note, We seem to be in business with a bank . (Bank of America) that thinks they can just steel our money and get away with it.. boy can I post about this and I will later on,its just to long of a story to hash out right now at 4am... but the short story is that they have taken 300.00 out of our account in NSF fees when we had money in our bank!!!!!!!.. grrrrr.....Boy oh boy am I mader than a old wet hen about this mess and believe me I am trying everthing to get our money back. I will we posting fully about this tomorrow when I have a day off.I hope everyone is have a better week than me and is staying warm...